Mormon mum says ‘I have something for you’ as she flashes cut-out knickers

Holly Jane, 39, from the US, put on quite a show as she exposed her undies in a recent clip to her 185,000 fans on Instagram. The content creator is also a member of the Mormon community

Holly Jane
Holly Jane boasts 185,000 Instagram followers (Image: holly.jane.johnston / Instagram)

A Mormon mum who was “banned” from her church has spiced up Instagram yet again.

Holly Jane, 39, is known for her racy content where she pockets up to £35,000 a month from her sexy snaps. The US mum doesn’t vow to quit her saucy side job.

In her community, vulgar language, sex before marriage and alcohol are all forbidden. And the bishop is certainly not keen on Holly’s frisky career behind closed doors.

Now posting on Instagram to her 185,000 followers, Holly wowed again and she’s not afraid of showcasing her jaw-dropping body.

This time, the widower decided to tease her fans by appearing to flash her cut-out undies to the entire world. The clip starts with Holly having her back to the camera.

She’s standing on a balcony as she quickly pulls down the top part of her leggings to show her sexy undies. While it all happens so quick, we’re sure fans got a good look at things.

And it didn’t take long for the post to secure a lot of attention. Since it was shared on Monday evening, it garnered 760 likes and thousands of comments. One said: “Give it to me.”

Holly Jane
The mum decided to tease her loyal followers (Image: holly.jane.johnston / Instagram)

While another added: “I have something I want to show you too gorgeous.” And a third chimed in: “Why do you not turn around baby?”

Luckily for followers, this isn’t the first time Holly teased them on social media. Previously, she decided to “shake things up” by cheekily ditching her undies in front of her neighbourhood.

In the post, Holly almost flashed the locals in her area as she hit out at her “dull neighbourhood”. The blonde wore her luscious locks down as she rocked a green bodycon dress with a pair of pink undies.

Although she still attends weekly services, nothing will ever stop the cheeky content creator from flashing her body online…


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