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Mum pays £2,800 for Turkey teeth – but ends up ‘looking like elephant man’

Amanda Turner forked out £2,809 on a trip to Turkey to get a “Hollywood smile” but claims she was left looking like the “elephant man” after her body rejected her new teeth

A woman who went to Turkey to get a cheap “Hollywood smile” claims she was left looking like the “elephant man” after her body began “rejecting” her new teeth.

Amanda Turner took to TikTok to share how she paid £2,809 to travel to Turkey to get dental crowns and root canal but was left feeling like it wasn’t worth it.

The mum claims she had “nothing but problems” since having the surgery in Istanbul 10 weeks ago as she lost sensation in her lip and faces up to her temple leaving her needing to see an emergency dentist.

In a video, which has gained more than 5,000 likes, she was seen sobbing as she said that she believed “it was going to solve [her] problems” but it “just made them worse.”

Amanda Turner - Turkey teeth
Amanda Turner joked that she ‘looked like an elephant woman’ when her face started swelling (Image: @amandaturner1809/TikTok)

Amanda, whose face had become so swollen that she joked about looking like the “Elephant Man”, was also told that the swelling may never completely go down.

After seeing the dentist, she was given antibiotics and ended off having six courses of them before the swelling became more severe and started affecting her throat, at which point Amanda decided to take herself to A&E.

However, there was nothing much that could be done for her as her mouth was inflamed from the procedure.

She explained: “The swelling is absolutely horrendous, the pain’s terrible, but there’s not much that they can do for me. Basically, they think that this is inflammation.

Amanda Turner - Turkey teeth
She spent £2,800 to have the dental work done abroad (Image: @amandaturner1809/TikTok)

“This is not an abscess. This is my body rejecting whatever the hell this is in my mouth.”

Hospital staff managed to drain some of the puss from her gums but fear she may never get the feeling back in her lip, she explained as she fought back tears, adding: “The thought of never getting the feeling back in my face is scary.

“It’s not worth it, honest to God it’s not. If I could turn back time, I would have never went if I’d have seen the videos that I’m posting of someone else I’d have never have went.”

Amanda Turner - Turkey teeth
Amanda said that she wouldn’t have gone to Turkey to have the procedure if she fully understood the risk (Image: @amandaturner1809/TikTok)

When asked if the dentist who did the procedure would help, Amanda said that she would “never expect” them to help because they treated her badly when she made a complaint.

She said: “It’s been 10 long weeks. My advice to anyone looking to do this would be, ‘What price are you willing to pay?’ And I don’t mean money, I mean your pain threshold because it’s agony. I’m not joking.

“Every day I just feel like f**king giving up. Today more than other days, but you’ve got to keep going.”

Amanda also can’t go to London to have her teeth fixed until the swelling has reduced.



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