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‘My ex left in me in huge debt – but I’ve managed to pay it off selling sexy snaps’

British model Yasmin Baker was devastated when her ex ‘left her in a mountain of debt’.

However, after just three years selling her sexy snaps and videos on OnlyFans – she is now one of the racy site’s top earners and her debt is completely paid off.

Despite this, the influencer and mogul-in-the-making said she’s learned some tough lessons have been learned along the way.

“The first thing I learned was that the ‘easy money’ takes months of hard work, promotion, and you have to stick with it and dedicate yourself to delivering both quality and quantity if you want to build a solid fan base,” she said.

Once the money starts rolling in, Yasmin also says that it is impossible not to want to spend money on cars, clothes and the finer things in life.

Giving advice to rising OnlyFans stars, she said: “Resist that urge to splurge and start investing your money in ways that opens up other streams of income, like real estate.

“Do you see yourself doing OnlyFans in ten years? Maybe not, but you can keep that OnlyFans money working for you in ten years’ time.”

She also advises creators to save every penny in the beginning of their careers “because OnlyFans can flip the switch tomorrow and your income can disappear on a dime.”

Yasmin continued: “You can go days without earning cash, so you’d better have something tucked away in case you need it.

“Money offers freedom and security, so the more you hold on to it, the more free and secure you’re going to be.”

She adds that prioritising what’s important is key.

“Money can actually buy happiness if you take stock in what means the most to you.



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