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Naked Attraction star wows Anna Richardson by saying ‘I love c**k’ in seven languages

Naked Attraction star Nicola wowed TV host Anna Richardson as she showed off her language skills by saying the phrase “I love c**k” in seven different languages

Naked Attraction star impressed host Anna Richardson with her impressive language skills as she revealed she could say “I love c**k” in seven different languages.

During Wednesday’s instalment of the popular Channel 4 dating show, viewers were treated to a recap of the show’s best bits with the return of some of the best contestants on the show.

Amongst the bunch was the self-proclaimed “number one MILF in the 45-50 category”, Nicola who was looking for husband number three.

Throughout the show, the avid traveller was on the hunt for her next companion as she showcased her passion for languages when she revealed she could say one particular phrase in seven different languages.

The brunette beauty revealed to the TV host that she could say the phrase “I love c**k” in seven different languages as she spoke the phrase in German and Spanish on the show.

Nicola managed to dwindled down her six colourful suitors to two, before she bared all on the show and picked which man she went on a date with.

The Midlands native went on to explain how she refused to sleep with a man with a small penis.

The sexy singleton told Anna that a man with a penis smaller than nine-inches would quickly enter the “friend zone” territory.

She explained: “A good solid nine inches and girthy. I don’t tend to do anything smaller than an iPhone otherwise it’s a friend zone situation.”

The host went on to ask: “What kind of lover are you? Are you a good lover?”

She quickly replied: “I used to think so but my ex used to say I had all the sexual allure of a McDonald’s drive-thru you just leave feeling strangely unsatisfied.”

It comes after viewer were shocked after witnessing a contestant “deep throat” a banana live on the show.

Leanne, 54, who was recently divorced, left fans gobsmacked after she suggestively sucked a banana on the programme.

While using a banana as a prop, the Australian former dentist instructed: “Keep playing with it very lightly, just sensing it, and then use your tongue like your fingers.

“Rub and feel and then you run up the head and around the head.

“The other thing is you never use your teeth,” she advised.

To which the TV host quipped: “Blimey Leanne, I wish you could see this boys. Leave that willy alone, red!”



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