Naked couple strip off for picnic at Brit beauty spot with nothing but a Sainsbury’s bag

The anonymous couple took full advantage of the very hot weather on Sunday (July 10) and stripped off to enjoy a picnic in a popular beauty spot enjoyed by kids

One couple surprised locals by stripping off for a picnic as they got to grips with Britain’s sweltering heatwave.

Brits hate heat – this is not a new fact. But we grind and bear it, and go topless whenever and wherever we can.

A couple took that a little bit too far while enjoying the recent extremely hot weather.

Visitors to a popular picnic area in Blackburn, Lancashire, got an eyeful when they spotted a naked couple having a good time on Pleasington Hill.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, the man and woman were seen on Sunday (July 10) in all their naked glory surrounded by a Sainsbury’s bag for life filled with food and drink.

Seeming not to care about other locals and sunseekers, the pair were fully starkers while enjoying a picnic.

Shockingly, it was right near the Alfred Wainwright Memorial, dedicated to the life of the famous former Blackburn author and illustrator who died in 1991.

The couple were fully naked, enjoying a picnic in the hot weather
The couple were fully naked, enjoying a picnic in the hot weather

One anonymous person who spotted them told local news: “It is not what you want to see when you are out enjoying the scenic spot.

“I was a bit shocked to see this. There were children walking past and some families.

“It is too much to ask to at least cover your private parts.”

While another commented: “It’s not that hot is it?

“I would like to think people can wear the bare minimum during the hot weather.

“I think some people don’t realise what they are doing once they have had a few drinks in the summer sun.”

They seemingly didn't care about other locals in the area
The couple seemingly didn’t care about other locals in the area

The anonymous couple might be in for a fun few days, after The Met Office indicated brain-sweltering temperatures of 43C could be reached later this week, causing “hundreds” of deaths. It is also claimed the heatwave could even melt and “expand” train tracks.

Weather across the country is set to hit extreme highs just after the UK was named hotter than the Maldives, with 32C predicted for tomorrow (Tuesday, July 12).

But experts are currently worried that temperatures could soar even higher, hitting 43C this weekend and “obliterating” the previous hottest day of the year record set in July 2019.

Perfect picnic weather . . . or maybe not.