Natalie Portman vows never to ‘show boobs’ on screen – and there’s a good reason why

The Black Swan star shared why she would never go topless after being asked the one thing she’d never do for a movie during a quiz game on the Drew Barrymore Show

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Natalie revealed why she’s keeping her breasts from the silver screen (Image: TheDrewBarrymoreShow/Facebook)

Natalie Portman claimed that she’ll never show her boobs for a movie but questioned whether it makes her a prude.

The 42-year-old Oscar-winner made the revelation on the Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday evening. The pair were playing the pop quiz round – which saw her bursting balloons to reveal an intimate question inside.

Natalie quipped, “that’s a good one” as close pal Drew, 48, asked her “one thing you’d never do for a role”. Quick as a flash, the mum-of-two responded: “Um… show my boobs? Is that really prude?”

The brunette beauty who is mother to son Aleph, 12, and daughter Amalia, six, added: “I’m just always like, ‘I don’t want my kids to see pictures online.’” Drew, who also has two kids, quickly chimed in assuring her, “no, it’s not! (prudish).”

Natalie Portman, boobs, Drew Barrymore, balloons, show, movie, live
Natalie Portman said she’ll never get her breasts out for a film (Image: WireImage)

But in a bizarre turn of events, the presenter felt inclined to defend her 1995 topless Playboy spread in an age where the internet was in its infancy. “I didn’t know there’d be an online when I did it,” she teased. “I was like, ‘Good luck finding that magazine under some weird guy’s bed in some random house!’”

Drew then turned to the audience and jokingly asked that there’s, “no judgement, darlings”.

Natalie Portman, boobs, Drew Barrymore, balloons, show, movie, live
Natalie and pal Drew had a fun exchange live on air (Image: TheDrewBarrymoreShow/Facebook)

Natalie went on to address another pop quiz question – the wildest thing that’s ever happened on a night out. And coincidentally, it also involved Drew.

“I have one with you,” the Black Swan star said. “My friend Rachel, who was with us in Paris, reminded me that we had a night out when you cut a guy’s tie off with scissors. Do you remember that?”

Natalie Portman, boobs, Drew Barrymore, balloons, show, movie, live
Drew quipped that Natalie’s wildest night out was something she did (Image: TheDrewBarrymoreShow/Facebook)

A mischievous chuckle gave away that Drew clearly remembered the shenanigans that night, and responded: “I miss that person so much. And like where did we get the scissors?”

Natalie erupted into fits of laughter, adding that her pal was “still fun though,” to which the host joked, “so you’re wildest night out was something I did, okay”.


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