Nikki Belza spent £18k on surgery and it left me with one boob

Cocktail waitress, Nikki Belza, 39, from Las Vegas, says since having a breast implant removed after deadly sepsis took hold, people now ‘point, stare and laugh’ at her

A woman was left with one breast after spending £18,000 on surgery and says people constantly ‘point, stare and laugh’ at her.

Nikki Belza hit the headlines when she was forced to remove a breast implant after deadly sepsis took hold.

She revealed how she almost died when she contracted a strep infection that caused blood poisoning which led to sepsis in her breast tissue.

To “enhance” her look in her 20s the cocktail waitress had undergone multiple breast augmentations, costing £18,000 in total.

Nikki during the ordeal in 2018 with one breast.
Nikki during the ordeal in 2018 with one breast (Image: Jam Press/@nikkibelzano)

However, in a bid to save her life surgeons had to remove an implant leaving Nikki with one breast for four months. She then went through four chest reconstruction operations in 2018.

While the 39-year-old loves her new body not everyone has been as accepting. She claims that people, mostly women, have made fun of her at work.

“I work at a pool in a bikini and every single day I have people staring, pointing, laughing, taking pictures of me and making fun of me because of my new breasts,” Nikki, from Las Vegas, US, told

Nikki at work as a cocktail waitress
Nikki at work as a cocktail waitress (Image: Jam Press/@shotbyalphy)

“I do find it ironic, though because I’ve noticed they were wearing shirts that say ‘live, laugh, love’ or something that involves acceptance.

“People are very judgemental and I’ve had to say something to them before – when I ask them to Google me, they shut up immediately.”

Since the life-threatening ordeal, Nikki claims her entire life has changed and is now putting her health first, including swearing off plastic surgery for good.

She said: “I prefer my look now, as I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and I’ll probably never get plastic surgery again.

“My surgeon wanted to do one more reconstructive procedure, but it would only be for aesthetic purposes. I opted out of that because I love my life, my body and how healthy I am.

“I wouldn’t want to risk any side effects of having another major medical procedure done.”

Nikki now works out up to five days a week
Nikki now works out up to five days a week (Image: Jam Press/@nikkibelzano)

Before she never went to the gym and would often “make fun” of the idea of working out as she saw herself as “physically weak.”

Over the last two years she’s switched up her attitude and now works out up to five days a week. She on average records seven miles distance while working each day and has even quitting booze.

Nikki added: “After talking with many fitness professionals, I decided to go tee-total.

“Within three months, I had a six-pack and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

“I’ve been considering becoming a personal trainer because often people that struggle with weight end up with infections, such as sepsis.

“I’m also in a new relationship, which is very healthy, as he is alcohol-free and into fitness like me.

“A lot of people reach a point in their lives and in relationships when they think it’s the end, but this is never the case.

“You can start over as many times as you want – this life is yours.”

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