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Nudists to drink pints naked in UK pubs as boozing in buff becomes ‘normal’

Events company wants to promote equality and inclusivity by giving seasoned naturists the opportunity to do things people take for granted – such as grabbing a drink and a night out while nude

Naturists can enjoy a night out at the boozer in the buff thanks to an events company with a difference.

It has been launched to allow nudists to enjoy everyday activities that others “take for granted”.

Adam Ford, 41, of Nothing On Events, said: “Naturism is about equality and inclusivity, so I wanted to put on dining events that more people could afford and have the opportunity to experience the freedom of naturism in safe environments.

“I thought about other events and activities that could be organised that were not dining, like art classes or wellbeing sessions including yoga and pilates

“We are the event company that aims to normalise naturism, to allow people to have new experiences in safe, non-sexual social nudity.

“We want to provide more opportunities for seasoned naturists to do what everybody else takes for granted, except doing it in the nude.”

Adam added: “‘I’ve always been comfortable without clothes and I have been a member of British Naturism for seven years. When I am home, you’ll typically find me in a state of undress.

“I find it more comfortable and cheaper as clothes last longer and don’t require washing as often.

“My first public nude experience was at a clothing optional campsite. The air on my skin felt amazing.

“Yes, when someone first came over to give us the lie of the land I had a pang of ‘What will they think?’ and ‘Will it be weird?’

“But when I popped my head around the corner and they were naked too, we were equal.”



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