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OnlyFans model mortified after having sex and ending up with ‘allergic reaction’ to nuts

OnlyFans star Lucy Banks “waddled to the chemist” after having sex with her boyfriend – who had eaten nuts earlier in the day. She has since warned of “sexually transmitted” allergic reactions

An OnlyFans model was left red-faced after suffering a “sexually transmitted” allergic reaction.

Lucy Banks, who is allergic to peanuts, didn’t realise she could get a second-hand reaction.

So when her boyfriend scoffed some nuts before they got jiggy, she was left “waddling to the chemist” in pain.

The Australian influencer told FEMAIL: “He had eaten peanuts earlier that day, and it transferred to me. I didn’t realise at the time that this was possible.”

Unsurprisingly, the pharmacist couldn’t resist giggling when Lucy told them what had happened.

The adult content creator, who makes more than £34,000 a month on the saucy subscription site, admitted: “She called over a few colleagues and tried to ask for their opinions and help, but she couldn’t stop laughing.”

Lucy Banks

Lucy shared her story on TikTok in a bid to raise awareness of “sexually transmitted” allergic reactions.

The video was viewed more than four million times, which should hopefully help others from suffering similar experiences.

She added: “I had never heard of food allergens transmitting and negatively affecting partners through ejaculation before.

“Those with minor or moderate allergies most likely won’t notice anything, but if you have a severe anaphylactic reactions to certain foods, then I would take special precautions with your partner to make sure they haven’t eaten anything that could trigger a negative, and possibly serious, response.”

Thankfully, Lucy appears to have made a full recovery.

Lucy Banks

While “sexually transmitted” allergic reactions may not be common, there has been scientific research into them.

In 2007, the Department of Immunology at St Helier Hospital in Surrey looked into the case of a “sexually transmitted allergic reaction to Brazil nuts”.

The study explored the case of a 20-year-old woman, who had a nut allergy.

She experienced “itching and swelling” of the vagina after having sex with her boyfriend who had consumed nuts.

Despite the fact “he had bathed, brushed his teeth and cleaned his nails immediately before intercourse”, the patient experienced shortness of breath.

Lucy Banks

If you have allergies and are concerned about how this will impact your sex life, listen up.

Using a condom could help you to avoid a reaction.

It’s also wise to talk to your partner about allergies before getting up close and personal with them.

This way, they can warn you if they have consumed anything that may trigger a reaction.



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