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OnlyFans star ‘hates men’ after creepy fans sent dad her naked videos

OnlyFans star ‘hates men’ after creepy fans sent dad her naked videos

Anthia Mo rarely discusses her adult modelling with her parents after growing up deeply religious, but she revealed that one stranger almost exposed her work by sending her nude snaps to her dad

An OnlyFans star has revealed that selling nudes online has made her dislike men after she received weird requests and discovered one stranger had sent her dad some of her racy pictures.

Anthia Mo was brought up in a religious household, with her parents encouraging her to go to church three times a week, but rebelled against her upbringing when she launched her career as an adult model.

Instead of settling into a nine-to-five career, Anthia followed her ambition to be an entrepreneur, and now sells explicit content on subscription site OnlyFans.

After transitioning to her new lifestyle, Anthia admitted that she’d had some “crazy stories” where she had struggled to balance her explicit work with her parent’s conservative religious beliefs.

Anthia Mo
Anthia Mo was brought up in a strict, religious household (Image: Getty Images for Apex For Youth)

Speaking on the Inside OnlyFans podcast, Anthia described how this meant she often felt that she couldn’t be her true self with them. She confessed that one scary incident when her nudes were shared had forced her to confront her work with her dad.

“I had a problem late last year, this person with an unknown number was sending my dad half-naked photos of me and videos of me,” she revealed.

“I change my number every year because I’ve had a lot of people, I wouldn’t call them stalkers but a lot of people harass me.

Anthia Mo
Anthia shares explicit snaps on her OnlyFans account (Image: Getty Images)

“So someone texted my dad and he thought it was my new number because I always change my number… I had no idea what was happening, they wouldn’t even tell me because that’s how strict they are, they kept it.”

Thankfully, Anthia explained that she was spared a dramatic confrontation about the incident, but admitted that the conversation often turns awkward when she speaks to her dad.

“He doesn’t talk to me really about it because I’m like the black sheep and he’s like, ‘oh she’s the black sheep, she’s going to do whatever’. To my siblings he’s like, ‘don’t be like her’,” she continued.

Anthia Mo
Anthia revealed that one stranger had sent her nudes to her dad (Image: Getty Images)

“I’m trying not to let it affect me, and I’m trying to get bigger so I can show them that I can actually pay for my own rent, I can pay for my own food, and I’m happy and I have so much freedom, and I can travel the world; that’s the end goal to show my parents.”

In fact, the adult star admitted that the weird requests she receives from strangers through her work has changed her perception about men.

“I feel like having an OnlyFans makes me not want to have a boyfriend. I literally hate all the men…they’ll be like ‘my girlfriend or wife is living with me, you have to make this very low key’,” she said.



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