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OnlyFans star says ‘jealous’ trolls send death threats because ‘they want what she has’

An OnlyFans star who has embraced the spiritual side of her sexuality has opened up about the shocking abuse she has received for sharing racy snaps of her body online.

Lucy Sunflower makes a living out of sharing explicit images of herself with subscribers online, utilising sites such as OnlyFans that allow subscribers to pay for exclusive access to content.

As well as posing as a model, Lucy is a keen advocate of embracing sexuality.

She recently told ex-adult star Lisa Ann about launching a career as a “sex healing apprentice”, encouraging followers to “surrender to orgasms” in order to find happiness.

And, in the same Dudes Do Better podcast episode, Lucy also addressed how her adult work had opened her up to the often cruel consequences of finding fame online.

“People have sent me death threats, people have said nasty things to me, they have tried to shame me,” she admitted.

But, Lucy suggested that since embarking on her career in sexual healing, she had learnt to ignore the hate comments, instead seeing it as a reflection on the person giving the abuse.

“I mute a lot of people, I do not allow anyone to get the better of me,” she said.

“I have learned [that] we cannot change how people are. There’s no point trying to change their opinion, especially on the f***ing internet.

Lucy Sunflower
Lucy has also begun working as a ‘sex healing apprentice’

“I know when they’re coming after me, it’s because they are having something within themselves.

“In my spiritual work I have learned that when people project such nastiness and they go out of their way to do that, it’s because they are upset, they’re hurt, they’re jealous, they want what I have.”

Sites like Twitter and Instagram have taken steps to attempt to reduce abuse online, but Lucy accepted that it is unlikely to ever be completely eradicated.

“Unfortunately, it is part of the internet because of the public discourse; the allowance for people to share every single thing they’re feeling or thinking… it bred this new kind of cyberbullying,” she added.

Lucy Sunflower
Lucy has lifted the lid on some of the abuse she receives online

And, Lucy recalled that it was similar to the in-person bullying she had faced growing up.

She observed: “These people are so mean and I’m just breathing. I’m literally here existing, and my existence makes these people so mad at me.”

“But at the time I didn’t know that it’s a projection of how someone feels about themselves… They’re a hater because they hate themselves, they’re trying to make me feel as bad as they do.”

So, emphasising her new mantra, Lucy suggested that her trolls could make a change for the better if they simply “surrender to [their] orgasms”, and stop judging themselves.



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