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Pair of women were fined £80 for whipping dresses off and streaking at Grand National

The Aintree race weekend is one of the biggest sporting events on the calendar, and with a larger spotlight comes a bigger opportunity for those seeking their 15 minutes of fame

The Grand National may be one of the greatest horse races in the world, but the nags aren’t the only ones who have galloped along the course at Aintree.

Just like many other massive sporting events, the National is a target for those who want to give the galleries a giggle by streaking. That’s what happened in 2011, when two ladies decided they would make a name for themselves by stripping and sprinting.

In doing so, Gemma Porter and Louise van Marle brought Aintree to a standstill. The friends from Fazakerley frolicked down the final furlong while topless, much to the amusement of the crowd watching on from the sidelines.

They were eventually stopped and taken away by police, and were each slapped with a £80 fine for their stunt. But that didn’t seem to make them regretful about their decision – they later boasted about their cheeky antics.

“We weren’t nervous, it was more like excitement,” 29-year-old Porter told the Liverpool ECHO. And her 21-year-old accomplice, Van Marle added: “We wanted to do it on Ladies Day, but we couldn’t get tickets. We were just having a laugh and a few drinks and we thought it would be funny.

“Afterwards we got a telling off by the policeman, talking about safety and how we’d outraged public decency – but I don’t think the people were outraged, I think they were made up.”

They aren’t the only ones who have attempted to streak at the Aintree Races. Five years later, a man earned himself the unfortunate nickname of “Red Bum” as he tried the course out for himself – with hopeless and hilarious consequences.

All was going well for the naked streaker until he came across the first of the course’s famous fences. The unnamed man tried his best to clear the hurdle, but proved why the racing should be left to the horses as he fell flat on his face.

Undeterred – or perhaps too hammered to care – the man got back to his feet only to take another tumble. Incredibly, he attempted to see if the third time was the charm, but those watching from the stands continued to laugh as he tried and failed to clear a second jump.



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