Parliament Security Breach: ‘On one side fear, on the other side fire to do something’, diary found from Sagar’s house; Many secrets will be revealed

Parliament Security Breach: Sagar’s father Roshan Lal Sharma said, ‘The police took away some of my son’s belongings and the passbooks of our bank accounts. The police also got me to sign a paper.’

Parliament Security Breach: A police team on Friday reached the house of Sagar Sharma, who reached the Lok Sabha House by breaching the security of Parliament. Police seized some of Sagar’s belongings and bank passbooks of his family members from his Lucknow home. This claim has been made by Sagar’s family members.

Sagar’s father Roshan Lal Sharma said, ‘The police took away some of my son’s belongings and the passbooks of our bank accounts. The police also made me sign a paper detailing the items they had taken. Police interrogated Roshan Lal on Friday at Manak police station in Lucknow. Roshan Lal Sharma is a carpenter by profession.

A senior city police officer said, ‘A police team from another state had reached here and seized Sagar’s belongings’. The officer said that Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorism Squad (UPATS) is also collecting information about Sagar.

Intelligence agencies have also got hold of a diary from his house in Lucknow. It is feared that many secrets will be revealed from this diary. The investigating agencies are busy understanding the things written in the diary.

Sagar Sharma is a resident of Lucknow and used to work as an e-rickshaw driver. Sagar was among those who reached inside the Lok Sabha, jumped down from the audience gallery, raised slogans and sprayed colors from a can. Intelligence agencies have found many patriotic poems and revolutionary thoughts written in the personal diary recovered from Sagar Sharma’s house.

It is written on the page of Sagar’s diary, ‘The time to leave home has come near. On one side there is fear and on the other side there is a burning desire to do anything, I wish I could explain my situation to my parents. But it is not that it was not easy for me to choose the path of struggle, I had hope every moment. For five years I waited for a day to come when I would move towards my duty. The most powerful person in the world is not the one who knows how to snatch. The powerful is the one who has the ability to give up every pleasure.

Slogans like ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ are written on other pages of Sagar’s diary. He wrote that I have dedicated my life to the country. Now the turn has come to die for the country. These pages of Sagar’s diary have been written in the year 2021. He has also written the date on each note. Investigating agencies believe that many big revelations can come from this diary.

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