Bhojpuri Dance: Pawan Singh and Monalisa danced in the rain, sweating after seeing youth

Whenever there is talk of dance and item numbers in the world of Bhojpuri cinema, Monalisa Dance‘s name comes first. One such powerful song of Monalisa with Pawan Singh is ‘Jag hi pe jaata’. (Jag Hai Pa Jata) This song from the movie ‘Ziddi Aashiq’ is sung by Pawan Singh and Kalpana.

Vinay Bihari has decorated this song with music. He has also written the lyrics of this song. It is not good for any fan to miss the amazing dance video of Monalisa getting wet in the rain. This time Monalisa has tried to work her magic in front of Pawan Singh in this red dress. The song ‘Jag Hai Pa Jaata’ is sung by Kalpana and Pawan Singh. Seeing the song, people said – now they are ruling the Bhojpuri industry. Some have said- Pawan Singh had a lot of craze in those days because along with the songs, the dialogues were amazing, people used to put his dialogues in their memory cards.

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