Rakul Preet entered cold water wearing a bikini, your heart will tremble after watching the video.

Rakul Preet Singh’s new video is currently going viral on social media. In this, she is seen wearing a bikini and taking a dip in icy water at minus 15 degrees Celsius.

New Delhi: This time Rakul Preet Singh is blowing people’s senses, not with any of her characters but with her stunts. On Saturday, he posted a video of her on her Instagram page. In this, the actress is seen amidst snowy valleys, but in a moment, she does something that cannot even be thought of.

Rakul Preet

Rakul Preet Singh took a dip wearing a bikini

In the beginning of the video, Rakul is seen wearing thick jackets and caps with her friends. Only white sheets of snow are visible far and wide in the background.

Actually, the actress has reached here to undergo cryotherapy. After some time, Rakul comes out of a wooden cabin wearing a bikini and starts taking a dip in the ice cold water.

Rakul entered the water at -15 degrees Celsius.

While posting this video, Rakul said in the caption that the outside temperature in this place is -15 degrees Celsius. In this freezing cold, the thought of swimming in icy water wearing a bikini makes one shiver. However, the smile remains on the actress’s face. Now this video of her is going viral rapidly on social media.

Users made funny comments

Many users have commented a lot on this video of Rakul. One user wrote, ‘This is proof that Rakul is very hot.’ Another user wrote, ‘Rakul has set the water on fire.’ Another user even asked if this was for a scene in her next film? Making many other similar comments, fans have described Rakul as hot.


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