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Ranbir Kapoor Alia Bhatt Wedding: Takeaways From Her Post – “Silly Fights” To Wine And Chinese Food

Now that the wedding is done (but the hangover continues), we can take a moment to absorb what Alia Bhatt wrote in the post she shared on Thursday evening after marrying Ranbir Kapoor. Alia and Ranbir married in a private ceremony at home in Vastu, the apartment complex in Mumbai where the couple live. After the wedding, Alia Bhatt shared photos from the wedding ceremony, with a note in which she revealed that the couple got married on the balcony of the apartment which is their “favourite spot” and where they have spent the “last 5 years” – Alia and Ranbir moved in together during the pandemic lockdown.  

Other takeaways from Alia Bhatt’s Instagram post – she and Ranbir love movie nights, wine and Chinese food, and like every other couple, their relationship markers include “comfortable silences” and “silly fights.”

Here is the full text of what Alia wrote in her wedding post: “Today, surrounded by our family and friends, at home … in our favourite spot – the balcony we’ve spent the last 5 years of our relationship – we got married.With so much already behind us, we can’t wait to build more memories together … memories that are full of love, laughter, comfortable silences, movie nights, silly fights, wine delights and Chinese bites. Thank you for all the love and light during this very momentous time in our lives. It has made this moment all the more special. Love, Ranbir and Alia.”

Swipe through Alia Bhatt’s post to see how magical their wedding ceremony was:

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt began dating after being cast together in Brahmastra, which releases this year. They attended Sonam Kapoor’s wedding reception in 2018 as a couple and Ranbir, who is not officially on social media, frequently shows up in Alia’s Instagram posts.


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