Rebecca Goodwin: I couldn’t even afford baby formula – but now I’m worth £2m thanks to racy job

Rebecca Goodwin, 28, was struggling to feed her two daughters, aged five and 12, and survived on food vouchers. However, now she has £2million in the bank thanks to her racy job

A single mum who used to live off food stamps is celebrating after raking in £2million from her sexy new job.

Rebecca Goodwin, 28, was struggling to feed her two daughters, aged five and 12, and survived on food vouchers for over a month before she decided to turn to OnlyFans.

However, the redhead took to her Instagram story recently to show that she’s now made a staggering $3million (2.3million) from her racy pictures and videos.

Rebecca shared a screenshot from her OnlyFans account to prove the earnings to her 125,000 Instagram followers.

It showed she had made $2.6million (£2million) from subscriptions, an extra $170,000 (£132,000) in tips and $193,000 (£150,000) from direct messages with fans. This all added up to the $3million sum.

Model Rebecca Goodwin poses in a strapless top
Rebecca used to struggle to feed her two daughters (Image: beckymil1_/Instagram)

Becky admitted she was ‘knocked off her feet’ when she saw the landmark amount and even ‘felt faint’ as she headed out on the school run.

The model’s life has completely turned around since joining OnlyFans, –with her being able to buy a £230,000 house and £45,000 car outright.

Talking about her change in lifestyle, she previously said: “I was living off six bags of food for myself and my two daughters for over a month. I couldn’t even afford to throw my daughter a first birthday party.

“I started OnlyFans out of desperation and ended up making £1,600 in the first 10 days. It was madness. I had never earned so much in a month before.

“Now I’ve been able to buy a four-bed house and a Porsche. My eldest knows about what I do and it doesn’t bother her at all.”

Model Rebecca Goodwin's OnlyFans earnings
She’s now earned a staggering amount on OnlyFans (Image: beckymil1_/Instagram)
Model Rebecca Goodwin poses in red lingerie
The redhead used to live off food stamps (Image: beckymil1_/Instagram)

Rebecca couldn’t afford her gas and electricity bills as she was surviving on food vouchers to feed her family.

She added: “I was a single mum and I couldn’t work as I had a baby and wouldn’t be able to afford childcare for her.

“I was looking for things I could do from home.

“I had a lot of guilt over the things I couldn’t provide for them. We were living on six bags of food full of tins of soup and lots of Uncle Bens for over a month.

“I couldn’t even afford formula for my baby. I knew OnlyFans was a massive risk but I was desperate.

“I had asked for my third food voucher and they had talked about getting social services involved because I was struggling. I knew I had to give OnlyFans a try.”

It seems like the move has certainly paid off, quite literally for Becky.

The model will no doubt rake in even more cash for her next venture too.

She recently put out a casting call for a racy alternative to the Barbie film – featuring OnlyFans models.

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