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Sanki Painter Cineprime Web Series Cast, Story, Release date, Watch Online 2023

The web series “RSanki Painter” can be streamed on the Cineprime platform and features a talented cast including Sreoshi Chatterjee, Neha Mandal, Jyoti Tiwari, and Ambika Vani, all of whom play important roles in the show.

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of romance and intrigue with the highly-anticipated Indian web series, “Sanki Painter.” Soon to be released on CinePrime, this series promises to deliver a scintillating and steamy experience. Featuring the talented actors Sreoshi Chatterjee, Neha Mandal, and Jyoti Tiwari, “Sanki Painter” is poised to become the talk of the town among enthusiasts of Indian erotic dramas. Prepare for a tantalizing fusion of romance, passion, and artistry, all set against the vibrant backdrop of India.

Sanki Painter (Cineprime) Web Series Cast, Story, Release date, Watch Online 2023

RSanki Painter (Cineprime) Web Series Story

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Expect “Sanki Painter” to capture hearts right from its opening episodes, available in Hindi on the CinePrime OTT platform. The series serves as a testament to the significant growth of Indian web content, now reaching international standards. Brace yourself for a stimulating and captivating watch as “Sanki Painter” gears up to set the stage ablaze with its captivating romantic saga. Get ready for the much-anticipated release of “Sanki Painter,” a series that promises to deliver an enthralling and unforgettable experience.

Sanki Painter (Cineprime) Web Series Cast, Story, Release date, Watch Online 2023

RSanki Painter (Cineprime) Web Series Release Date

Episodes 1 and 2 of Sanki Painter will be made available on July 21, 2023, only through the Cineprime app. Each episode lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. 

RSanki Painter (Cineprime) Web Series Cast

Crafted with finesse and creativity, “Sanki Painter” aims to redefine the genre of erotic romance in Indian web series. With a growing interest in 18+ narratives among mature audiences, this series is ready to elevate the appeal to new heights. The carefully chosen cast, Sreoshi Chatterjee, Neha Mandal, and Jyoti Tiwari, exhibit remarkable on-screen chemistry that adds an authentic touch to the intense passion portrayed. They take the viewers on an emotional roller-coaster, making the series relatable and engaging.

  • Sreoshi Chatterjee
  • Neha Mandal
  • Jyoti Tiwari
  • Ambika Vani
Ambika Vani

Ambika Vani

Jyoti Tiwari

Jyoti Tiwari

Neha Mandal

Neha Mandal

Sreoshi Chatterjee

Sreoshi Chatterjee

RSanki Painter (Cineprime) Web Series Wiki/Information

NameRSanki Painter
GenreDrama, Romance, Fantasy
OTT PlatformCineprime App
Release dateJuly 21, 2023
Number of episodes2
Episode Runtime25 Minutes

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