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Sexpert’s sex toy warning could save you a very awkward trip to the doctor

Love guru Nadia Bokody spoke candidly about sex toys and the importance of using them properly – you should heed her advice to avoid any embarrassing mishaps

No one wants to get an instructions manual out in the height of passion.

But sexpert Nadia Bokody has revealed why you should always read the small print before getting jiggy.

Intimate toys can get stuck inside your body if you don’t use them properly.

One woman was recently rushed to hospital after “cranking up” the speed on her vibrator.

And back in March, a “masturbation addict” got a kinky device lodged up her bum. Yikes!

With this in mind, the Australian relationships writer has shared her words of warning for those who want to spice up their sex lives.

Nadia Bokody
While Nadia is all for sex toys, she urges people to use them properly (Image: Nadia Bokody/Instagram)

In her column, Nadia said: “Laugh all you will, but the misuse of vibrators and dildos is shockingly widespread. Largely because we don’t receive any kind of education around their use, despite the fact surveys suggest as many as three out of four adults own one.

“One of the gravest mistakes people make when it comes to the use of sex toys, is assuming all pleasure devices are insertable.

“In reality though, only products with a flared base are safe to go inside you. Think: butt plugs, rabbit-style vibrators (which have rabbit-like ‘ears’ at the end that prevent the toy from going in further) and dildos with faux testicles at the base.

“Streamline dildos and vibrators – especially the small, discreet kind, like bullet vibes – are not safe to fully insert, because there’s no handle or base via which to retrieve them, and this is why they’re the kind that usually end up in those X-rays we’ve all seen immortalised in online memes.”

Nadia Bokody
Nadia put jokes aside to warn about the health impacts of ‘lost’ vibrators (Image: Nadia Bokody/Instagram)

Nadia’s advice is important as “misplaced” vibrators can lead to internal injuries and other painful side-effects.

The love guru added: “This isn’t designed to scare you out of ever reaching for a handheld pleasure device again. By all means, go forth and insert away.

“Vibrate to your heart’s content! But don’t be too proud to read the instruction manual first, and, as the saying goes, ‘If it has no flare, it probably shouldn’t go up there!'”



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