Shanaya Kapoor wore a bold dress without a bra, everything was visible when she bowed down!

Kapoor Khandaan Daughter: The new video of this daughter of the Kapoor family is rapidly going viral on social media. Even before her debut, this beauty became the victim of an oops moment when she went out to party late at night! This beauty went braless and wore such a dress in which when she bent while getting down from the car, everything was visible….

Shanaya Kapoor Bold Video: The video of a daughter of the Kapoor family is becoming increasingly viral on social media! This beauty has not appeared in films at present but she is definitely seen in social gatherings and parties. Let us tell you that this daughter of the Kapoor family is also going to enter Bollywood soon with Dharma Productions and perhaps that is why she has increased her public appearances. Last night this beauty was seen in a very short and bold dress for a late night party. Boldness is one thing but when she started getting down from her car and bent down, everything became visible and it was also captured in the camera! Let us know which beauty we are talking about here and which of her videos is in discussion…

Shanaya Kapoor went braless and wore a bold dress

Please tell us that here we are not talking about Ranbir Kapoor but Sonam Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor’s family girl. The name of this beauty is Shanaya Kapoor and she is the daughter of Sanjay Kapoor and Maheep Kapoor. Soon-to-be Bollywood debutant Shanaya Kapoor was spotted at a party last night in which many star kids including Nysa Devgn, Suhana Khan, and Aryan Khan were present. For this party, Shanaya wore a very bold and short dress.

When I bent down while getting out of the car, I saw everything!

Shanaya Kapoor was brave to wear this dress and was also looking very hot. When Shanaya reached the venue of the party, cameras surrounded her even before she could get out of the car. When Shanaya bowed down while getting down from the car, then in the affair of bold braless look, that which should not have been visible was also visible! Let us inform you that later, Shanaya also went to Siddharth-Kiara’s reception in the same dress.

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