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Sharp cooldown, more unsettled weather on Central Canada’s doorstep

Blustery conditions that swept parts of Ontario on Friday will calm down and shift around from the northwest overnight, ushering in cooler temperatures that’ll stick around heading into next week. We’re also looking at an unsettled pattern that could threaten disruptions for Ontario and Quebec early next week. More on this weekend’s weather and next week’s systems, below.


Friday’s winds across southern Ontario will slacken in a hurry as we head into the nighttime hours. Southwesterly winds will shift around and blow from the northwest, allowing chilly air to spill across the region.

Pre-Dawn Saturday
Pre-Dawn Saturday

A quick batch of precipitation will glance the region heading into Saturday morning, providing a period of light mixing and wet snowflakes for the Erie shores and parts of cottage country. We could see some minor accumulations in the Niagara region.

Snow showers could redevelop across the snow belt on Saturday night as cool winds blow over Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, lingering into early Sunday morning.

Saturday Overnight
Saturday Overnight


We don’t have to wait long for the next potentially impactful system to approach Ontario and Quebec.

This far-reaching, moisture-rich system will approach Ontario and Quebec from the south beginning Monday and lasting into Tuesday. While it’s still too early for specifics, forecasters can see two scenarios playing out, one of which could bring significant snowfall to eastern Ontario and southern Quebec.

The snowier scenario would see cold air trapped at the surface across eastern Ontario and southern Quebec, forcing much of the precipitation to fall as snow.

A warmer scenario is also possible, which would make this a mostly rain event for the National Capital Region and Montreal, shunting the snow farther up the St. Lawrence.

We’ll know more details this weekend, so check back frequently for all the latest on this approaching system.

Looking ahead, another system could affect the region Wednesday night into Thursday before temperatures moderate toward the end of the week.

Stay tuned to The Weather Network for the latest forecast updates across Central Canada.



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