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Shilpi Raj’s private video leaked on social media!

Bhojpuri actress Shilpi Raj is very much dominated on the internet these days and is getting a lot of attention from the netizens.  We are talking about Shilpi Raj who is very popular in Bhojpuri film industry.  But nowadays due to a private video of her, social media is dominated in which she is seen with her boyfriend.

As private videos have started appearing on social media, a lot of netizens are trying to download the viral videos.  There are many people who want to know more about Shilpi Raj.  In our today’s information, complete information about Shilpi Raj and viral video has been given.

Shilpi Raj’s private video leaked

Shilpi Raj is a popular Bhojpuri Actress and a Musicians born on 25 March 2002.  She became very popular for her lovely voice.  All his songs are very much liked by the fans and always remain at number one.  Along with making a name for himself in the Bhojpuri music industry, he has also received many awards.

Shilpi Raj keeps posting on social media every single day of her life.  But these days due to private video with boyfriend, there is a lot of headlines on social media.  In the video we can see how she is getting intimate with her boyfriend.  The video is being shared from different social media platforms.

Shilpi Raj’s Video Viral Information

The full name of Shilpi Raj is Shilpi Rajbhar who has earned a lot of name in his life.  Recently Shilpi Raj is living in Patna.  She is living in Bihar to start her singing career.  His father’s name is Ramesh Chandra Raj.  Shilpi Raj grew up with 4 siblings.  It is being claimed that they got married secretly when their video went viral on social media.

It is being told that she was in a relationship with her past manager Vivek Patel.  The relationship was built for about 3 years.  Shilpi Raj claimed that he used to beat her up and was after her money which was hard earned.  But talking about Shilpi Raj, along with India, Pakistan is also very popular in Nepal and Bangladesh.

Not one or two videos of Shilpi Raj are becoming increasingly viral on social media.  But as of today Shilpi Raj remains a part of breaking news.  A lot of questions and answers are swirling in the minds of the audience but will keep bringing updates for you soon.



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