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Shweta Tiwari posted her pictures with daughter Palak Tiwari, fans said- ‘Mother is more beautiful than daughter’

Famous TV actress Shweta Tiwari is becoming more and more beautiful with age. As her age is increasing, she has started looking more hot and beautiful. Shweta has made a special mark in the house to house with the famous TV show ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’. Shweta Tiwari is a big name in the industry today. Shweta is not interested in any identity today. Along with this, apart from doing in many Bhojpuri films, she has also been the winner of Big Boss. Along with acting, she also dominates social media. Meanwhile, a picture of Shweta with her daughter Palak Tiwari has surfaced, which her fans are very fond of. In these pictures, fans are seen giving their reactions regarding the age of Shweta and her daughter.

Shweta’s picture with Palak went viral

Very good bonding is seen between Shweta Tiwari and her daughter Palak Tiwari. Shweta’s 21-year-old daughter Palak has become very beautiful today. But she still looks pale in front of her mother in beauty. Shweta has posted some pictures of herself and Palak on Instagram. In these pictures, the bonding of both is being made just by seeing. Together, both of them are giving very cute poses in front of the camera. In the pictures where Shweta is seen in pink color salwar suit. At the same time, Palak is wearing a brown color hot top. During this, both are looking very beautiful.

Post pictures on Palak’s birthday

Please tell that Shweta has posted these pictures on Palak’s birthday. Along with these pictures, Shweta has congratulated her daughter a lot on her birthday. Along with these pictures, Shweta wrote in the caption, ‘Happy birthday to the love of my life, my ether girl, my pride, the piece of my liver, my life, my daughter Palak Tiwari.’ Fans are very fond of these pictures. Huh. Commenting on this, a user wrote, ‘Shweta is more beautiful than her daughter.’ While another writes, ‘Mother is more beautiful than daughter.’ One wrote, ‘Shweta Tiwari is looking young.’



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