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Sneha Paul web series 2022

Sneha paul webseries Watch Online 2022.

Sneha Paul is a famous Indian actress, model, and social media star. Sneha mostly acts in web series directed by ullu. Sneha is currently a famous actress in the Indian web series. Sneha Paul is usually seen playing the role of a housewife in web series released by the ullu app.

Sneha Paul is very active on social media. He has a lot of fans on social media. Sneha Paul has acted in only 3 web series so far. We have listed all the web series starring Sneha paul below. Charmsukh was released by Sneha Paul on ullu 

chawl house web series gained more popularity among the audience.

After that, Sneha paul starred in 2 more web series released by ullu. We can watch the following Sneha Paul web series on ullu app with the help of the internet.

1. Charmsukh Chawl House Ullu Web Series :

Charmsukh Chawl House is one of the most popular web series of Ullu app. Sneha Paul was involved in this web series for the first time. Sneha Paul played the role of Renu Bhabhi in this popular web series. And Sneha paul became famous through this charmsukh Chawal house.

charmsukh Chawal house is the story of a rice house in Mumbai. where a middle-class family lives. One day Renu bhabhi’s brother came to stay at their house for a few days. And that guy falls in love with Renu Bhabhi. Renu Bhabhi also falls in love with the boy. After some days, the two of them develop more completely. Next, you need to check out the ullu app to find out what the real thing is.

2 . Charmsukh Chawl House 2 web series :

After a long wait, in 2022, ullu app launched the second episode of charmsukh Chawal house. where again Sneha paul was seen acting.

This web series is based on the first season. In the first web series of ullu we saw that Renu bhabhi and her brother started an affair.

And this second episode shows that Renu Bhabhi and her husband go to the man’s village for a few days, where Renu Bhabhi meets her brother again. They resumed their love affair. And this time Renu Bhabhi’s husband finds out about their love.

3. Laal Lihaaf (Part 1 & Part 2)

Laal Lihaaf is another popular web series on ullu app. Sneha paul is acting in this web series for the third time. laff lihaaf part 1 and part 2 starring Sneha paul.

However, after a long hiatus, Sneha paul was seen in ullu’s Laff lihaaf Web series.

This web series is about the love relationship between husband and wife. The story shows a woman named Kusum.

Kusum’s husband doesn’t like her at all, which makes Kusum feel lonely. Later, Kusum falls in love with another woman from her household. And they fall in love.

You need to check out the ullu app to find out what the story will be like next.



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