Taniya Chatterjee Web Series Watch Online 2022

Taniya Chatterjee is a Famous Model, Actress, and Social Media Influencer from Kolkata, India. Taniya started her career with Altbalaji’s famous web series “Gandii Baat”. In today’s time, Tanya is working with famous ott platforms like ullu. The list of famous web series of taniya Chatterjee is given below.

1. Gandi Baat 4

Gandii Baat Season 4

Gandii baat is the famous web series of Altbalaji. So far 5 seasons of this web series have come. There are 4 to 5 episodes in every season. A new story is told in every episode. Taniya Chatterjee was seen in “Gandii Baat Season 4”. Taniya played the role of “Chandani” in episode 4 “Pati Mera”.

2. Jaal Ullu web series 2022

Jaal Part 1 Part 2 Ullu web series 2022

Jaal is Taniya Chatterjee’s latest web series. Taniya has played the character of Surekha in this web series.

This is the story of a house where Dheeraj lives with his two sons. Both the sons are married. The younger son has a habit of stealing in the house. One day Dheeraj sees his son stealing and throws him out of the house.

After a few days, Dheeraj dies and both his younger son and elder son share the property. Watch the jaal ullu web series to know what will happen next.

3. Kasak Ullu Web Series 2020

Kasak Ullu web series 2020

This is the story of a hospital where a nurse gets raped. Due to this wrap, she goes into shock. Her body gets paralyzed. A lawyer takes the case of that nurse. To know whether she will be able to get justice for this nurse or not? watch kasak ullu web series.

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