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This superstar is involved in controversy by loving his own daughter


On the cinema screen (Cinema) we see various kinds of miracles which may have no resemblance to reality. Viewers also love to watch such events or scenes. From action to romantic scenes, actors and actresses have to act in all kinds of scenes for the audience. And when the scenes are liked by the audience, the film becomes a hit.

Movies are the best medium of entertainment, that’s why people watch movies. But movies often show something in the name of entertainment that creates controversy . In most cases. And many times it is decided to ban the film due to this controversial scene or some other reason.

BP Srinivas And Shalini

Nowadays we see movie stars doing something or commenting something that creates controversy. This report mentions two such stars. Who are actually father and daughter. About the father-daughter duo acting as a romantic couple on the big screen.


This father and daughter even acted in a romantic scene in the film. This father and daughter are popular stars of Kannada film industry. Father is popular Kannada film director BP Srinivas and daughter is actress Shalini. Kannada film ‘Musanje Gelathi’ was directed by BP Srinivas. He also acted in the film.

BP Srinivas And Shalini

In the film he played the role of a college teacher. On the other hand, his daughter i.e. Shalini played the role of a college student. In the film, a college teacher falls in love with a younger student. But not only love, there were several romantic scenes in the film.

BP Srinivas And Shalini

Srinivas and Shalini have to act in these scenes. For this, father and daughter had to face criticism after the release of the film. Controversy arose after the film was released on the big screen in 2009. BP Srinivas and Shalini were criticized.



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