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Top 10 Hottest Female Cricketers of International Cricket 2022-23


Get to know about the Top 10 hottest Female cricketers in international cricket. The 2022 updated list gives high information.

Women have always attracted attention from the world. Although people used to earlier comment and say that Women are not as good as sports when compared to men, but they are actually exceptionally good in their craft. While their skill is often appreciated, they are often also seen in the news for their beauty and excellent way to carry themselves.

Let’s give a quick look at the hottest and sexiest female cricketers in International Cricket as per the rankings received in 2022:

Top 10 Hottest Female Cricketers of International Cricket

Top 10 Hottest Female Cricketers of International Cricket

10. Kate Cross, England Cricket Team

Kate Cross worked hard to break the gender barriers and give the best performance to the team. She is one of the best pace bowlers that the team has and proudly wears the England Cricket Team Jersey.

9. Sarah Taylor, England Cricket Team

Sarah is one of the youngest cricket players to have played for her team. In fact, she has made many records for her team and helped in building a brand name for the team in the field of international cricket. Her performance is legendary and prominent.

8. Holly Ferling, Australian Cricket Team

She is often called the most beautiful cricketer that has been seen in the platform of international cricket. She has contributed significantly to the presence of cricket in the country as well and inspires several young women to make a mark in cricket as well. She is a bowler and made her debut in 2013.

7. Smriti Mandhana, Indian Cricket Team

She made her debut at 16 years of age and her batting speaks for itself. Her skill and hard work are unprecedented and today she has become a critical part of the Indian Cricket Team. She rules the social media among the Youth as well.

6. Nat Sciver, England Cricket Team

She is not only one of the most beautiful cricketers known but has also the knack for setting the records. She has set many records and made a name for the women in the England Cricket arena. She commands respect and is loved by all her fans.

Nat Sciver

5. Cecelia Joyce, Ireland Cricket Team

She is one of the most talented cricketers known. She is Irish and was born with the talent to give her best in bowling and batting both. She comes from a family of cricketers and brings the best for the team.

Cecelia Joyce

4. Priya Punia, Indian Cricket Team

She is often known for her style and positive attitude towards life. She is also one of the prettiest women known to the world when it comes to ranking Female Cricketers in the international market. She has often received awards and set records that showcase her skill and capabilities as well.

3. Sune Luus, South African Cricket Team

She pulled her team through the semi-finals in the World Cup and has given them the opportunity to showcase their abilities. She is one of the main reasons for the success of the South African Cricket Team for Women today. She is a powerhouse and loves to play tennis as well.

2. Sana Mir, Pakistan Cricket Team

She was given the award for the Woman Cricketer of the Year by the international cricket board. She is on the list for her beauty and the exceptional talent that she carries. Her ambition is her sole purpose, and she drives herself with passion in each game that she plays.

Sana Mir

Image Source: twitter.com/pbs

1. Ellyse Perry, Australian Cricket Team

She is a compulsion on the beauty list. She is 5’9 and is termed as one of the most beautiful women in international cricket. Her blonde hair and exceptional attitude make her the hottest female cricketer. She is very talented and plays soccer as well. She is a tough cricketer and is often talked about for the records she has made.

Elysse Perry

There are several other beautiful women in the different cricket teams internationally, but the voting has given the above 10 women, the maximum appreciation for their beauty and the way to carry themselves.



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