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Top 5 Best Kajal Jha Web Series List to Watch Online

Here is the complete list of Kajal Jha Web Series to stream online. Kajal Jha is a young and gorgeous actress known for featuring in Indian hot web series and also in Bhojpuri movies.

Some of the prominent web series in which Kajal acted included Charmsukh Tapan and some others. She has featured in various popular platforms including Ullu Originals, Primeplay, and more.

Find out the full list of the Hot web series acted by Kajal Jha below.

Top Kajal Jha Web Series to Watch Online

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Sl.Web SeriesYearPlatform
1Charmsukh Tapan (Part 2)2022Ullu
2Charmsukh Tapan (Part 1)2022Ullu
3Tahalka – Mor Naav Ke2021Bhojpuri Movie

Charmsukh Tapan (Part 2)

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After the success of Tapan Charmsukh part 1, Kajal has also featured in the second part. The beautiful actress played a lead role in the series along with Neha Gupta and Noor Malabika. Catch all the episodes on Ullu Originals.

  • Platform – Ullu Originals
  • Year – 2022

Charmsukh Tapan (Part 1)

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In 2022, Kajal Jha made her web series acting debut with Ullu Originals. She has played the lead actress of Charmsukh Tapan along with Noor Malabika and Neha Gupta.

The hot web series is revolve around the story plot of a sister in law lust over her brother-in-law. Kajal played the role of Riya and was featured in some bold scenes.

  • Platform – Ullu Originals
  • Year – 2022

Tahalka – Mor Naav Ke

Kajal Jha Hot web series

Tahalka Mor Naav Ke is a 2021 Bhojpuri movie which stars Devendra Jangade, Amarnath Pathak, Priti Singh, Kajal in the lead cast.

The film was directed by Mithilesh Avinash and produced by Abhishek Movies World.

  • Platform – Bhojpuri Movie
  • Year – 2021


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