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‘Trolls tell me to hide my boobs from kids – but my DDDs are a gift to society’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Hot’ TikTok mum Jennifer Ferguson is never short of attention from her thousands of followers – but she has revealed that trolls have told her to hide her DDD chest from her kids

A mum is trolled online for flaunting her surgically-enhanced boobs in front of her kids – but has hit back by claiming her breasts are a “gift to society”.

Self-proclaimed “hot mum” Jennifer Ferguson has built quite the following on TikTok by being, well, a hot mum.

Her long blonde locks, sassy attitude and killer figure have left her 220,000 fans swooning – with gushing 18-year-old lads in her DMs asking her to be their ‘sugar mummy’.

The 31-year-old mum-of-three, from America, has proven that you don’t have to take a back seat when you become a parent.

But sadly, being in the spotlight has opened Jennifer up to criticism from keyboard warriors.

In an exclusive chat with the Daily Star, the mum revealed she’s often trolled for showing too much skin in front of her kids.

woman in green bikini
Jennifer looks incredible in a green bikini top (Image: @jenjferguson00)

Jennifer said: “It’s like females are afraid to follow me because they know I’m living their dream of being THEMSELVES!

“So instead of following, they’ll comment a bunch of hate saying that I’m not a good mum if I dress risque, if I swear, dance sexy – even though I don’t even take myself seriously in my TikToks!

“They also, for some odd reason, think I should hide my plastic surgery from my kids.

“Stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! As if they don’t notice that one day mum’s flat and the next I’m like a DDD.

“You can’t go wrong with a nice set of implants, injected lips and Botox! Those things are a gift to society, if that’s your vibe!”

blonde woman in jumper and top
The parent does not let trolls get her down! (Image: @jenjferguson00)

Although some women choose to pick apart Jennifer’s parenting methods, the unfazed internet star is pleased with the procedures she has had done.

She said: “I actually got my boobs done twice! Once back in 2015, then I got them bigger in 2019.

“Bigger is better! I get my lips filled about 2-3 times a year, botox every 4 months and I got my earlobes surgically reduced due to stretched holes.

“I also had professional teeth whitening and so far that’s it! I’m proud of it all too!”

Instead of letting troll comments get her down, Jennifer uses them as motivation and is setting her sights on being a “superstar”.

blonde woman with crop top
The busty mum is not shy about showing off her DDD boobs! (Image: @jenjferguson00)

She added: “Hate comments motivate me to just keep doing better. It also shows me how much more confidence I have than these mean people trying to dull my shine!

“Any publicity is good publicity when you have aspirations of being a superstar.”

“You just need to find that feeling deep inside, forget what others say, and roll with it! All curves can be sexy if you work it right! If you want to wear the dress…WEAR THE DRESS!!

“Sexy is a mindset. When you feel sexy and confident, others begin to catch your vibe and feel the same about you.

“It’s all about the energy!”



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