UK weather maps reveal exactly when hot temperatures will return after miserable week

The UK is facing miserable conditions over the coming days with heavy rain and strong wind expected, but thankfully advanced weather maps indicate temperatures should soon be rising

Advanced weather modelling maps show exactly when warm temperatures will return to the UK.

The outlook for the next week or so looks pretty grim with persistent rain forecast and temperatures not expected to rise much above 20C.

Netweather forecaster Nick Innis said conditions look to be “more akin to late October or November than early August”.

As well as the rain, winds of up to 60mph are expected to lash much of the southern coast this week meaning Met Office wind warnings could be issued.

UK weather maps reveal exactly when hot temperatures will return
Temperatures are expected to improve soon (stock) (Image: PA)

Luckily, these miserable conditions shouldn’t last forever with warmer temperatures expected as we move through August.

WX Charts weather maps show temperatures spiking on Friday, August 11 and Saturday, August 12.

By 6pm on August 11, parts of the south-east are expected to reach 26C, with 25C and 24C coming in southern-central regions and possibly as far north as the Midlands.

The outlook for August 11
The outlook for August 11

Although a far cry from the roasting conditions being experienced by others across the globe, these temperatures represent a significant increase from what we’re currently seeing in the UK.

August 12 is predicted to bring 26C to a larger swathe of the country, stretching from the south coast across London and into parts of East Anglia.

Again, elsewhere could see 24C to 25C although on both days conditions will be significantly cooler in Wales, the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

According to WX Charts, the maximum possible temperature for August 12 is 28C.

The outlook for August 12
The outlook for August 12

Conditions look set to be miserable until that weekend as the jet stream is bringing areas of low pressure to the British Isles.

One moving in from the Atlantic on Wednesday (August 2) could bring “gales in the far south and some heavy rain followed by heavy showers and thunderstorms across much of England and Wales”, according to Netweather.

This comes following the release of the Met Office’s ‘State of the UK Climate’ report last week, after which Brits were told to expect “far more high temperature records to be broken” going forward.

Mike Kendon from the Met Office’s National Climate Information Centre, said: “In terms of weather and climate, 2022 was an extraordinary year for the UK.

Brits were told to expect 'far more high temperature records to be broken' (stock)
Brits were told to expect ‘far more high temperature records to be broken’ (stock) (Image: PA)

“However, we should not necessarily be surprised by these events: studies have shown that both the record warm year and July heatwave were both made much more likely by climate change.

“The observations show that extremes of temperature are changing faster than the average, and as our climate warms, we expect far more high temperature records to be broken, potentially by wide margins, and far fewer low temperature records.”

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