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‘UK’s most prolific mistress’ angers wives – but doesn’t feel guilty about affairs

Gweneth Lee, who considers herself the ‘UK’s most well-known mistress’, has spilled all the details on her clients wives – from angry phone calls to threesome offers

Serial mistresses Gweneth Lee opened up about how her clients’ wives react to affairs.

She considers herself the ‘UK’s most well-known mistress’ and has also revealed why she doesn’t feel guilty about coming between marriages.

The 49-year-old, who splits her time between London and California, lives a life of luxury funded by her very rich and powerful partners, all of whom have a significant other at home.

While the businesswoman most definitely takes advantage of the perks of dating millionaire CEOs, she also often has to deal with the backlash – including angry phone calls from wives.

Others try to get involved by offering threesomes, while some aren’t bothered at all.

As Gweneth puts it, the latter are happy so long as they “keep getting money, gifts and can keep the Range Rover”.

Serial mistresses Gweneth Lee poses in lingerie
Gweneth Lee considers herself the ‘UK’s most well-known mistress’ (Image: Jam Press)

“I’ve had several incidents where I’ve met men’s wives,” the mistress revealed.

“Some were funny but others… not so much.

“One wife, who was clearly drunk, texted me to say she was with her husband and had found my name, and ‘did I want to join them for a drink?’.

“I told her to give me a call and she was really upset. Weirdly, she didn’t even ask if I’d had sex with him – and with this particular man, I hadn’t! We had just been on a few dates.

“I find some women just want someone to blame but they can’t blame their husband because he’s the father of their children or they have to continue to co-exist, or they don’t want to lose the benefits of dating a rich man.”

Serial mistresses Gweneth Lee poses in lingerie
She’s spilled all the details on her married clients wives (Image: Jam Press)

Gweneth has also met some of her lovers’ partners, including one particularly memorable visit with a wife who, to this day, doesn’t know she met her husband’s mistress.

She said: “I was having an affair with a man who has medical clinics in London.

“His wife was an artist and I collect art, so one day he told me to check out her pieces and contact her.

“Soon after, I went to her atelier so she could show me around and we got on very well. She never found out that I was his mistress.”

As for the art piece that Gweneth had her eye on, it unfortunately got ruined in a flood (make of that what you will…) but her married man happily transferred her the £10,000 for it instead.

Serial mistresses Gweneth Lee poses in lingerie
Some wives try to get involved by offering Gweneth threesomes (Image: Jam Press)

Some wives know all about Gweneth and even want to have sex with her themselves.

The mistress said: “The offer of the threesome came from the wife of one of my regular married lovers.

“I had been seeing this guy in London for around two years. He was a wealthy financier stuck in a miserable marriage who was seeing other women apart from me.

“Eventually he walked out on the marriage and quickly remarried another mistress he was seeing at the same time as me.

“It is this second mistress, now wife, who wants to have a threesome with me and her hubby.

“All three of us love sex and I cannot wait to join them for a night of fun. If you are all approaching a threesome with the same attitude, where is the harm? It is when secrecy and lies creep in that the problems start.”

The experienced mistress, who is polyamorous and used to be married herself until her husband tragically died, also says how women react to cheating spouses sometimes depends on their culture.

Gweneth, who meets her lovers through the affairs website, said: “If one of my men has a Latin or Italian wife, they always want to keep our relationship secret and they’re terrified of her finding out.

“There’s a strong chance all that passion could end up badly if he’s caught and revenge is definitely a possibility – she could poison him, like put laxatives in his coffee.

“If they’re Spanish or Portuguese, they’ll make him feel guilty.

“British wives however, tend to have a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ rule and many British men often tell me it would break their wife’s heart to find out but that if they did, the marriage would still recover.

“They would simply sweep it under the rug, keep calm and carry on. The stiff upper lip is really a thing.

“Scandinavians tend to be more open-minded.”

Gweneth Lee
Gweneth believes different nations react differently to open marriages (Image: Jam Press)

As for herself, Gweneth is Dutch and British, but her late dad is French – and they never had much of an issue with her preference for love rats.

She said: “I’ve always been into married men.

“I never discuss it with my mum’s side of the family but my dad, being French, was like ‘yeah it’s okay’.

“My paternal grandfather was the same way.

“When I was a teenager, he used to call me a free spirit and once told me ‘there are women who are lovers and there are women who are wives’. He wasn’t wrong.”

Gweneth, who has been called a “husband stealer” many times, doesn’t feel guilty about being a mistress – because she’s not the one cheating.

She added: “Women I’ve done business with will sometimes find out what I get up to in my spare time, and many of them get upset.

“Some will call me to ask if their husband has cheated on them with me, even though I’ve never met their partners!

“If a man cheats with me, it actually has nothing to do with me. These men are making a conscious choice to be unfaithful.

“But I always ask their wives how they feel, because more often than not, their anger isn’t about the fact I sleep with their men – it’s a more deep-rooted issue.”



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