Upcoming Bike In Dec: Yamaha and Kawasaki will launch new bikes with 300cc engine this month, know details

Upcoming Bike Launches In December 2023: Veteran two wheeler manufacturer Yamaha can launch its two bike models Yamaha R3 and Yamaha MT 03 in the month of December. This is explained in detail below.

Upcoming Bike Launches In December 2023: If you like motorcycles from adventurous two wheeler companies like Yamaha and Kawasaki, then there is good news for you. By the end of December, it is believed that Yamaha will launch two new bikes in the market. Whereas Kawasaki company can introduce a bike in the market. Let us know about these three bikes in detail.

Upcoming Bikes in India

Yamaha R3

If we look at the Yamaha R3 model, it will be introduced in the market with a completely fresh look and many upgrades. It is believed that it will be introduced in the Indian market on 15th December. At present, this model of Yamaha is being eagerly awaited in the market. This bike model may be completely changed compared to its older model. At present there is a possibility that Yamaha company may provide 321 cc engine in the R3 model. Let us tell you that this engine can be based on parallel twin motor. At present, the price of this model has not been announced by the company, but if seen unofficially, its price can be around Rs 4 lakh.

Yamaha MT 03

Yamaha MT 03 model can be seen in the Indian market in the coming time. Let us tell you that if it is launched in India, then it will be the first time that it will be launched in India. There is a possibility that Yamaha company will introduce this model in the Street Fighter range. Talking about the look and design of this model, it can be presented with an alien like look from the front. Talking about the engine capacity, the company can provide it with a 321 cc engine. This engine will be based on twin cylinder. If we estimate the price, it could be around Rs 3.7 lakh.

Kawasaki Eliminator 450

Kawasaki can also introduce its Elementor 450 bike model. It can be launched on 8th to 9th December in the month of December. At present the date has not been fixed. Talking about the design, this bike model can be in cruiser design. Talking about the engine, it will be given an engine of around 451 cc. Which can be based on parallel twin motor.

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