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Urfi Javed Bold Pic: Urfi Javed came out wearing almost no clothes! onlookers held their

Urfi Javed Style: Urfi Javed dominates social media and we don’t need to tell why she dominates. Each and every picture of her is like a wish for her fans.

Beautiful beauty

1128317 urfi 1

Ever since Urfi Javed stepped into Bigg Boss, she has been engrossed. Urfi is not mentioned daily on social media, it cannot happen. Ho Bhi how…..the style of this lady is such that news is made on its own. And these pictures prove it.

Experiment with fashion

1128318 urfi 2

Urfi Javed is a fashion icon and she cannot stop herself from experimenting with clothes. We have seen so many times that Urfi Javed is crazy about fashion, the situation is that when she leaves the house, the eyes of the viewers stop.

Husn e Deedar

1128319 urfi 3

There were many occasions when Urfi Javed came out of the house wearing little clothes. But this beauty was said to care about how many hearts are being shaken by her beauty-e-deedar because Urfi is in her fun.

Urfi is crazy about style

1128320 urfi 4

If Urfi is called the bo*ldest actress of TV then nothing will be wrong. Brother, it is not us but these pictures are saying. Which goes viral on social media every day. Sometimes by waving the pallu of the sari, sometimes by dropping it, sometimes by opening the button of the shirt and sometimes by wearing a blouse baked on the pan, she keeps challenging the fashion.

Wonders of the nature

1128321 urfi 5

Urfi Javed should be called a beauty fairy or Karishma e Kudrat. So that means there is no dearth of those who perish on this beauty.



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