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Watch Online Jalebi Bai Part 2 Ullu Web Series

Watch Online Jalebi Bai Part 2 Ullu Web Series – The official trailer of the second part of Jalebi Bai has been released. People liked the first part of Jalebi Bai very much. People are very much looking forward to see the second part of it.

Friends , you can see the first part of Jalebi Bai by visiting the official app of ULLU App . The first part is of one hour and 14 minutes which is very good. You will have a lot of fun watching and you will enjoy a lot more from this series.

Watch Online Jalebi Bai Part 2 Ullu Web Series

 If you want to watch this web series, then you can watch on the official website of Ullu, and if you want to get updates about Ullu web series, then you can join our telegram.

In the first part we saw how Jalebi Bai enjoys Brijmohan a lot and also takes money from him. Jalebi Bai can do anything for money and we have seen this in the first part.

Jalebi Bai also enjoys a lot of brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Taking advantage of this, she gets her sister-in-law to do a lot of work.

Friends, you can watch Jalebi Bai Part-2 on 15 April 2022 on ULLU App. You can watch it in Hindi and English language also. Apart from this, you can also watch in many other Indian languages.

Ullu app has launched the trailer of its new web series named Jalebi by Part 2. This web series will be released on 15 April 2022. In this web series you will get to see a lot of drama, Jalebi by Part 2 Ullu web series is worth your money,

So if you want to watch this web series, then when Jalebi Bai Part 2 Ullu Web Series will release on 15th April 2022, you can visit Ullu app or official website of Ullu app.

Jalebi Bai Part 2 Ullu Web Series Story

The house where Jalebi Bai works. When a boy named Manish lives in that house, Jalebi Bai tells him that you drink tea alone. Will you not give us tea?

Along with this, a song named Jalebi Bai also plays, which is very big, you will enjoy listening to it a lot. The sister-in-law, who works in Jalebi Bai’s house, runs her own free will, where she breaks the glass.

But sister in law doesn’t say anything. Because Jalebi Bai knows a lot about brother-in-law and sister-in-law. That’s why she doesn’t say anything. She treats Jalebi Bai very softly.

But Jalebi Bai tells sister-in-law that if you do anything for us, then whatever secret you have, we will tell it to everyone. Jalebi Bai goes to the market to get vegetables and enjoys a lot from the vegetable seller there too.

Jalebi Bai can do anything for money, for this she massages people. She can do anything in the house where she works. He also gets a lot of money for massage. Taking advantage of this, she charges a lot of money from people and has a lot of fun.

Jalebi Bai does not want to work in some houses because she has got a lot of money. She now sends another Bai for work in her place and her name is now Jalebi.

The trailer is too forceful. A lot of romance has been shown inside the trailer which you will enjoy watching a lot. Many people liked this web series. Keeping this in mind, the second part of this web series has been released.

Friends, if you want to watch an entertainment web series, then you can watch Jalebi Bai series. This web series will pass your good time as well as you will enjoy a lot after watching this web series.

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Jalebi Bai Part 2 Ullu Web Series Cast

  • Ridhima Tiwari (Jalebi Bai 1)
  • Prajakta Dusane (Jalebi Bai 2)
  • Ankit Patidar (Mukesh)
  • Alina Sen (Shanti)
  • Jimmi Kumari (Shreya)
  • Rakesh Dubey (Brijmohan)

Jalebi Bai Part 2 Ullu Web Series Details

Title NameJalebi Bai Part 2
Genre18+, Romance, Acton, Drama
TypeWeb Series
SeriesJalebi Bai
Online PlatformULLU
Release Date15 April 2022
Directed ByYogesh Ojha


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