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Watch Online Matkani Ke Matke Season 2 Rabbit Web Series

The Rabbit Movies Ott has recently brought another new web series named Matkani Ke Matke Season 2, looking at this web series it is being guessed that you guys are going to like it a lot. This Rabbit movie ott had released as a web series some time ago, which people have given a lot of love. If all of you have not seen this web series yet, then you can watch it by visiting all Rabbit Movies apps.

This is one of the best and most engaging OTT platforms named Rabbit Movies which is recently streaming the first few episodes of the series named Matkani Ke Matke which is very much liked by the viewers, this Rabbit Movies OTT viewer is waiting for a few more episodes which Some more episodes will be released very soon. There are many bold and hot scenes in the Rabbit Movies web series, and people watching this web series are enjoying it a lot.

Matkani Ke Matke Season 2 Rabbit Movies Web Series

The Matkani Ke Matke Second Season is a new boldness web series that will be available to watch on Rabbit Movies Apps from 07th June 2023, Friday. This web series is presented by Rabbit Movies Ott Platform which makes it very popular, what makes this web series very special is its Hot and new actresses like Bharti Jha and Aayushi Jaiswal in lead roles.

Rabbit Movies Ott recently launched a web series titled Matkani Ke Matke Second Season streaming on Rabbit Movies Apps in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and other languages, ensuring its viewer enjoy this web series in their preferred language. We release the web series to watch and enjoy. To enjoy this web series in different languages go and watch Rabbit Movies Apps.

Watch Online Matkani Ke Matke Season 2 Rabbit Web Series

Storyline:- This web series story is based on a Murari and Matkani who is newly married to a girl named Matkani. When Murari comes to the village with his wife Matkani, many people fall in love with him because Matkani’s body is very attractive, so she becomes famous in the village. Murari’s friends also tell him that Matkani must have had an affair before marriage. What next?

Web Series Cast

  • Bharti Jha –as–Matakni
  • Aayushi Jaiswal.

Web Series Release Date

the most famous web series which is slated to be released on 07th June 2023, Friday
only on Rabbit Movies apps and website. This web series has 4 episodes, running time of each episode is 15-30 minutes, All Seasons of Matkani Ke Matke web series are bold and Romance scenes.

Web Series Details / Information

Web Series Name:-Matkani Ke Matke Season 2
No. Of Season:-2
No. Of Part:-1
Type:-Web Series
Web Series Platforms:-Rabbit Movies
Release Date:-07th June 2023, Friday
Web Series Genre:-Romance – Drama
Episode Running Time:-15-30 Minutes
Main Cast:-Bharti Jha and Aayushi Jaiswal
Web Series Language:-Multiple Language
No. Of Episode:-2-8


Q. The Cast Of Matkani Ke Matke 2 Web Series?

Ans. Bharti Jha and Aayushi Jaiswal

Q. Matkani Ke Matke Season 2 All Episode Release Date?

Ans. 07th June 2023, Friday

Q. Matkani Ke Matke Season 2 All Episode Releasing Platform?

Ans. Rabbit Movies Apps

Q. Watch The Online Matkani Ke Matke Season 2 All Episode WebSeries ?

Ans. Download the Rabbit Movies apps from the play store, purchase a subscription plan, and watch all the episodes of the” Matkani Ke Matke Season 2 web series”.

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