We booked Airbnb for dirty weekend – but were mortified as host walked in on us naked

EXCLUSIVE: Model Nova Jewels and her partner decided to have some time away so booked an Airbnb that they thought they had to themselves – but how wrong they were…

A sexy couple revealed the awkward moment their Airbnb host walked in on them getting naughty in the bedroom.

Model Nova Jewels, 26, from Dundee, recently found love with a fan-turned-partner.

The pair thought they’d whisk themselves away for a weekend of quality time together – including a bit of hanky panky.

However, their romantic £100-a-night stay to Glasgow didn’t go quite to plan.

When they booked the property through Airbnb, the pair were convinced that they had the whole apartment to themselves.

But, that wasn’t quite the case.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Nova spilled all on getting caught butt naked.

Nova Jewels and her partner booked an Airbnb for some quality time together… (Image: Instagram/novajewelsofficial)

“We went through to Glasgow just for one night to stay in an apartment that we found on Airbnb,” she revealed.

“However that ‘one night stay’ was definitely short lived.

“We had a coupledifferentoutfits and a few ideas to start off with.

“We were going to do a bit of role-play and just have a muck about doing our own thing.

“We were going to make dinner and get some cheeky photos while doing so.

Nova Jewels
Nova lounging in the Airbnb before it all went wrong (Image: Nova Jewels)

“The door was wide open because we had thought that we had the entire place to ourselves.

“We were naked and trying to find the best angles, while checking on the stew that was cooking next door and deciding when to crack open the Prosecco.”

But the state of the stew and popping open the bubbly were the least of Nova and her partner’s worries.

As they were about to start bonking, the host walked through the door.

And the pair were fully in the nude.

Nova was about to get her kink on… (Image: Instagram/novajewelsofficial)

“Well, it was her apartment that she was literally living in so she just walked straight in, as I presume she usually would,” Nova explained.

“However, this time she walked in to find that her guests were using her entire apartment from top to bottom.

“She walked in and looked at us in the bedroom and her jaw nearly hit the deck – it was the worst eye-contact experience ever.

“Then she carried on through to the living area where she dropped her bag and said ‘oh my god’.

“My partner was very useful as he jumped to the side and scurried away to hide behind the door naked while I went out to see the host in my little skimpy jammies to find out what on earth was going on.

Nova Jewels
Nova threw on her jammies to explain to the shocked host (Image: Nova Jewels)

“It was at this point she explained that the booking stated in the small print – which I personally think this should have been in the big print, in capitals and in bold font – that we were only hiring out the bedroom and that the host would also be in the apartment with us.

“I apologised and tried to hard to fight back the giggles that I could feel building up inside of me.

“All I could think about was the fact that my partner was behind the door naked, we had a pot of stew cooking in her kitchen, the fridge was filled with Prosecco and every surface of the apartment had a pair of knickers lying on it.”

Despite a grovelling apology from a scantily-clad Nova and her nude partner hiding behind the door, the host was not impressed by the saucy pair.

Nova claims she wanted to charge “double” – an extra £100 – after walking in on the sexy couple due to what she had “seen.”

Nova Jewels
Nova didn’t realise that they wouldn’t be alone (Image: Nova Jewels)

But after the ‘vibe’ had been killed and bits had been seen, the couple thought it would be best to hit the road.

“Usually I can laugh things off but believe me, this whole experience completely killed the vibe,” Nova admitted.

“She said we could stay but would have to pay double because of what she had witnessed but at the end of the day, it should have been her paying us for what she got to see.

“So we packed up our stuff, went to Starbucks for coffee at 10pm and drove back home while laughing and updating our friends about what had just happened.

“Nothing is ever normal in my life honestly, there is always something going on.

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