It was supposed to be a regular summer outing on Lake Mead for the Erndt family. 

But when Thomas, 42, jumped off his boat and into the water for a swim, he never came back 

It was the night of Aug. 2, 2002, and his daughter, Tina Bushman, who was on the boat, was 14 years old 

She remembers how big the waves were that night. She remembers her father’s hand brushing the ladder of the boat 

“We heard, ‘Help,’ three times and we couldn’t find him,” she said Thursday. 

Two decades after Mr. Erndt apparently drowned, the authorities in Clark County 

Nev., identified his remains among several sets that have recently been found in Lake Mead. 

The announcement on Wednesday represented the first positive identification as investigators confronted a growing number 

The identification was confirmed by D.N.A. samples submitted by Ms. Bushman and her brother, who was 11 when their father drowned and also on the boat, she said. 

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