Burkini at the pool: the controversy that divides Grenoble explained

Bikini, swimming trunks, one-piece, boxer shorts... In what ceremonial outfit will the people of Grenoble be able to swim the breaststroke? 

For once, with the approach of summer, the wearing of the burkini in municipal swimming pools is causing a stir and becoming a hot topic that agitates the political class. 

In Grenoble, the dress code for the chlorinated pools currently excludes this covering swimsuit for women, as well as the monokini, 

a bikini top and a bikini brief connected to each other. But the environmental mayor Eric Piolle could well come back to this ban this Monday, May 16.  

I'm fed up with these injunctions on women's bodies ," said the elected official on France 2 

a few days before the city council's vote on the modification of the internal regulations in swimming pools. 

Concretely, it is a question of modifying the internal regulations of municipal swimming pools, in particular its article 12 which requires users to “decent dress” and “a correct attitude” 

For the time being, the text requires that bathers be dressed in a swimsuit covering