Chrissy Teigen Shared a Fully Nude Selfie to Show Fans Her Cheese-Grater Tan Lines

Chrissy Teigen has always been pretty good at giving fans some pretty transparent and unedited glimpses into her life on social media.

Well, now the star has posted a completely naked mirror selfie on Instagram to show off some pretty bizarre cheese-grater-esque tan lines she picked up this week.

She's known for her pretty honest take on social media, from letting fans into some of the hardest moments of her life

So, it makes sense really, that she just posted a fully naked mirror selfie on her Instagram Story, what's slightly confusing however, are her tan lines...

The snap, which she posted on her Instagram Story, shows her fully naked with her arm across her chest posing in front of the bathroom mirror

The snap, which she captioned, "This is great," also shows some unusual tan lines across her waist, which look like rows of little squares.

I mean, sure, those are some less-than-ideal tan lines, but, they're such perfect little squares she's basically got her own noughts and crosses board

perfect for the kids, right? Plus, can we take a minute to talk about that colossal marble bathroom?!