Elon Musk bought Twitter. Here's what he says he'll do next

The company announced on Monday that it has accepted the Tesla CEO's $44 billion offer to take the company private.

That means the world's richest person who has a penchant for theatrics and erratic behavior is about to have the power

to reshape discourse on a social network used by more than 200 million people every day.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO describes himself as a "free speech absolutist" and has criticized what he sees as excessive moderation on online platforms.

He nodded to these beliefs in his statement announcing the purchase by saying that "free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy,

and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated."

Musk has argued that social networks should not remove comments that, while offensive, are still legal.

During a recent interview at a TED conference he said, "If it's a gray area, let the tweet exist."