Happy Overwatch 2 Beta Day! As many players awake to find the golden beta ticket in their inboxes

there will inevitably be those who are left without one. But take heart, heroes, for Blizzard has designed a way by which you can earn an invite to what is

Starting tomorrow and lasting for a few hours, anyone who connects their Battle

Battle.net account to their Twitch profile and watches at least four hours of Overwatch 2 from a list of streamers

In the beta, players will be able to check out the 33rd hero Sojourn, all the new hero updates,

the brand-new Push game mode, and the five vs. five rework. Unfortunately,

the beta is limited to PC players only, but Blizzard has plans to open up OW2 beta testing to console players in the future.

The promotion starts at 1PM ET April 27th and lasts until 9PM ET. You don’t have to watch the same streamer

for all four hours, as your time watched will accrue across all the approved channels.