Kendall Jenner’s Eyebrows Resurfaced at the Met Gala After-Party

Oh, that tricky Kendall Jenner! While walking the 2022 Met Gala red carpet in a Prada two-piece,

the model appeared nearly browless, and this seemed to be the result of bleach.

Not so! There is more than meets the eye(brow) to this look. Attending an after-party at Zero Bond

Jenner clearly displayed her groomed but very much not-bleached eyebrows,

and a forensic (zoomed-in) examination of those Met pics reveals another possibility for her look: makeup.

In addition to letting her eyebrows be visible, Jenner wore lingerie by Miu Miu

A matching satin bra and panty set, somewhat covered by a black lace tank

and a black lace skirt. It also looks like she might have taken her dramatic false eyelashes off, but we can never be sure with this one.