Kyle Schwarber loses it on Angel Hernandez after questionable strikeout call

Kyle Schwarber did what plenty of other MLB players have likely thought of doing over the years on Sunday night.

The Phillies star went ballistic on home plate umpire Angel Hernandez after a questionable strikeout call in the ninth inning of a game that had a number of them

Schwarber took a 3-2 sinker from Brewers closer Josh Hader that he thought was off the outside corner.

But it was called a strike by Hernandez for the second out of the inning in a game the host Phillies would lose 1-0.

The Philadelphia left fielder was then ejected after violently throwing his bat and helmet in disgust and getting right into Hernandez’s face.

He then gestured to Hernandez, who didn’t go back at him, to signal that he missed calls outside, inside and high and low all game before walking back to the dugout.

He came out one more time to tell Hernandez again how bad he was with Phillies manager Joe Girardi also pleading his case over the erratic strike zone.

“Everyone kind of saw what was going on,” Schwarber said. “I’m not here to bury anyone, but that wasn’t very good. You wish that, I don’t know how to really say it, it just wasn’t very good.”