Macron's plan to turn Brexit Britain into ‘satellite of Brussels’ slammed by UK

EMMANUEL MACRON's plan to welcome the UK into a 'European community' infuriated Brexiteers in Britain.

French President Emmanuel Macron has found himself in a war of words with UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss 

After she said that "the jury is out" on whether he is a "friend or foe" to Britain, Mr Macron responded on Friday 

He said he "wouldn’t hesitate for a second" if asked about UK-French relations, adding: "France is a friend of the British people.” 

Mr Macron then added that the UK remained “a friendly nation” and strong ally “regardless of its leaders 

and sometimes in spite of its leaders and whatever little mistakes they may make in a speech from a soapbox.” 

The French President has repeatedly clashed with the UK over a number of issues, including refugees crossing the English Channel and Brexit. 

While he was a critic of the UK's decision to leave the EU, Mr Macron came up with a new plan for Europe that would include the UK. 

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