VLC Media Player banned in India? All you need to know

The website for VLC Media Player was reportedly taken down months ago, but it seems users are only taking notice of the site going down now.

One of India’s most popular media players across multiple platforms, VLC Media Player is reportedly being banned in the country

The VLC Media Player website no longer works in India and users cannot download the program’s exe file (windows executable file) for installation anymore.

Interestingly, VLC Media Player (the Android app) is still available on the Google Play Store

Users with an Android phone can visit the Google Play Store and install the app for now

There is still no word on whether the mobile version of the popular program will also be affected by the ban.

Meanwhile, if you already have VLC Media player installed on your device, phone or PC, you should still be able to run the program no issues.

On a Windows laptop/desktop, even if you have the offline executable setup file, you will be able to install the tool and use it.