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When Kylie Jenner Sent Back A Package To Sister Kourtney Kardashian Just Because A S*x Toy Was Missing From It!

The Kardashians and Jenners have always been at the epitome of drama intentionally or unintentionally, making them a trending topic of discussion almost always. The sisters do not shy away from speaking about anything, no matter how taboo the topic is. A few years back, Kylie Jenner almost sent a Poosh package back to Kourtney Kardashian when she found out that the vibrator was missing from the package.

For the unversed, Kylie has lately been focusing on her family as her second child, whose name has not been revealed yet, was born just a few weeks back. She was previously seen on the Met gala 2022 red carpet where she wore a white gown and gave it a unique urban cool touch with a white cap patterned headgear. The word ‘off’ printed just below the neckline of her dress was also a unique idea which made her look stand out in the lot.

In the year 2019, all the Jenners and Kardashians received a special promotional package from Kourtney Kardashian as she launched a new product under her label Poosh. According to Cosmopolitan, Kylie Jenner also received a box and she seemed quite excited about unboxing the whole thing. As soon as she read the little index that came in the package, her face visibly dropped as she realized that the vibrator was missing.

“Thank you so much Poosh and Kourtney for this box of dreams right now, I cannot wait to go through this, what have we got in here?”, Kylie Jenner started off.

She took a pause before continuing and was then heard saying, “Umm…did you not send me a vibrator?”

Kylie Jenner also reportedly joked about sending the package back just because there was no vibrator. “Um, Kourtney, I think you forgot to put a few things in here, so I’m going to send this back and we’re going to try this again.”, she allegedly said.



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