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Urfi Javed Weird Outfit: When Urfi wore anything in the name of clothes, people also started scratching their heads and asking – what is this?

Urfi Javed Weird Outfit: Urfi Javed is an actress who is less known for her acting and for her strange dressing sense. Her clothes keep making headlines in the media every day. Recently, Urfi’s look has once again created a buzz. With this, we will show you five of her dressed outfits, which you will also catch your head after seeing.

Urfi Javed is often known for her peculiar dressing sense. Urfi gets trolled every time for her look. But every time she starts appearing in more bo*ld outfits than before. Recently, Urfi was seen wearing a glove dress.

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Urfi Javed had reached a party recently and during this she was wearing a dress made of glass pieces. The actress had told that the weight of that dress was about 20 kg. After wearing this dress, there were also marks on her shoulder.

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You must have seen many types of pants but have you seen pants made of plastic? If not, then these enchanting pants will definitely be seen in Urfi’s wardrobe.

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Till now you must have heard only one function of safety pin that is to secure something. But Urfi did not know what went on in her mind and she made a dress with a safety pin. This look of Urfi also became very viral on social media.

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Urfi took a lot of risk for this outfit. To make the look of this outfit, she tied the chain around her neck. Due to wearing for a long time, there were also marks on her neck.

Every person should love herself, but should not do so much that she starts roaming around by putting her own photos. Urfi got a photoshoot done by pasting some of her photos in this look.



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