Who is Alix Earle? Responds To Backlash Over Kissing Sebastian de Felice

Alix Earle is aware of the concerns surrounding her weekend hookup.

On Thursday, the TikTok celebrity denied kissing a juvenile, claiming she didn’t realize he was only 17 years old.

Alix replied to a TikTok comment that said, “GRWM for senior prom next!” with, “I found out about this the same time you guys did.”

In later TikTok videos, the creator defended herself, stating, “Just as shocked as you are” and “Get your jokes out” in response to users spamming her comments with the number “17.”

Who is Alix Earle

On July 24th, Deux Moi uploaded multiple responses from people saying Alix cheated on her athlete boyfriend, Miami Dolphins WR Braxton Berrios.

The rumors seems to have begun with screenshots from Reddit showing Alix out at a club with Sebastian de Felice, the grandson of DKNY fashion designer Donna Karan.

“Lol I was there they were making out for some time,” wrote a Reddit user under the photo.

As the tips began to pour in, one Deux Moi fan said the two departed the club together. When questioned if Alix had cheated on Braxton with Sebastian, Deux Moi responded, “Allegedly.”

However, shortly after the photo was published, it was revealed that Sebastian was 17 years old at the time of his connection with Alix.

This sparked outrage among internet users, with many pointing out that it is an adult’s responsibility to confirm someone’s age if they appear young. Others have backed Alix, pointing out that they supposedly met at a tequila company promotional event, and Sebastian certainly got into the club where they were spotted kissing, so she presumably assumed he was at least 21 years old.

Despite fan demand to address her hooking up with Sebastian, Alix appears to be moving on with her vacation in the Hamptons and will not be giving this any more air time.

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