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Who Is OnlyFans Model Maddie Cooper Video & Photos Went Viral On YouTube, Reddit and Twitter!

Recently a very shocking piece of news is coming up related to a woman Nang Mwe San so who belongs to Myanmar she has been announced and sentenced to 6 years in prison and we know that our audience is curious to know what has she done and why she has been sentenced to 6 years to spend in the present so it is being announced by the military of court as she was posting some of the intimate and explicit pictures on the social media platform and this platform is known as only fans and we know that you all are aware of this as it is a subscription-based app.

So she is a well-known model and also the former she has been destroying the social media platform while posting these types of pictures on the social media platform and everyone is talking about her lately she has participated in numerous protests against the army that has been coming up in the year 2021 coupe However talking about Maddie so she is the first female person who has been joining this particular only fans and now she is in jail for this particular content posting online.

Maddie Cooper Viral & Leaked Video

However she has been posting some very inappropriate pictures of herself and now everyone is making noise on the social media platform however she was arrested under this particular law which is said to be released in August she was also said to appear in court in the month of October she was also very guilty that what has she done and she accepted that she has pain posting some of the naked photos as well as videos on these particular sites.

Maddie Cooper: Wikipedia & Bio

We know that now these things are pretty normal in this generation but this is against the law and she has been charged with section 33 A of the country’s electronic transactions act if we talk about the maximum sentence punishment of this particular act so it is said to be more than 7 years she lives in North which is said to be the area under Martial Law. Talking about her family background so there is very less information about them but according to an interview, her mother also told that she was trying to reach her daughter and call her for many weeks but she was not able to cope and had a talk with her and she was not aware of all these things happening to her.



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