Who is Regina? Gillie Da Kid’s wife

A hardcore rapper from Philadelphia named GILLIE DA KID has been wed to his wife Regina for 24 years.

Fans are interested in learning more about Gillie Da Kid’s wife and family in the wake of the reportedly untimely death of his kid YNG Cheese.

 Gillie Da Kid’s wife

Who is Gillie Da Kid’s wife Regina?

Gillie Da Kid married Regina Little in 1998, according to Distractify.

According to the site, the couple has had a successful 25-year marriage during which time they have welcomed five children and one grandchild.

Their 25-year-old rapper child, YNG Cheese, was tragically slain in a triple shooting on July 20, 2023, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, according to NBC10 Philadephia.

The identities of the couple’s other two children are unknown, according to Distracify, although they also have a son named Mac and a daughter named Nyla.

Regina, 43, was born in 1979 to an African-American father and a Korean mother, claims World Wide Tune.

According to the source, she was brought up with two siblings, including RL Way, a brother, and Delilah Little, a sister.

Regina has a sizable social media fan base, having 256K followers on her @gene9902 Instagram account.

What does Regina Little do for a living?

Regina’s Instagram bio states that she is an Emmy-nominated cosmetics artist.

She has contributed her artistic talents to numerous television programs, including Chase Street, WandaVision, and MPower, according to her IMDb biography.

She has experience acting, having been in the movie Caged Animal.

Gillie Da Kid and Regina

For the film Blood Brotha, she worked as an actress and makeup artist.

What is Gillie Da Kid’s real name?

Nasir Fard is the real name of Gillie Da Kid.

Rapper, age 39, was born in Philadelphia on January 1, 1984.

Along with Wallo267, a prominent social media influencer, he co-hosts the well-liked Million Dollars Worth of Game podcast on Barstool Sports.

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